Angel Numbers And Their Connection To Earth Angels

Angel Numerology

How do you stay connected to Angels and higher dimensional beings? Numerology can be used to help us get closer to our Angelic guides and higher dimensional selves. Here are some of the ways in which Angel Numbers and Numerology can provide loving angelic guidance to Earth Angels and Light Workers.

What is an Earth Angel?

An Earth Angel is thought to be someone who was previously a higher dimensional being who decided to incarnate here on Earth to have a human experience. Earth Angels are called to help the Light Workers and other beings trying to raise the frequency of the planet. Many people do not remember their origins or what dimension they came from but can get in touch with Angels through their thoughts and prayers.

Earth Angels are support people to the Earth’s Ascension process. They are here to guide, direct, and mentor people in reaching a higher vibrational frequency. If you feel you are an Earth Angel you play a very special role in the spiritual evolution of human beings. Some Earth Angels find it difficult to feel grounded as their energy is often very tied up in the divine realms. You may have a deep desire to help others, often listening to people; providing validation, support, and encouragement.

What Are Angel Numbers

As an Earth Angel it is important to stay connected to Angelic Spirit Guides. These beings have been given a special assignment to be with us as we carry out our mission on Earth to bring love, compassion, and support to others. The difficulties of life and the overwhelming emotional tole of the human vibrational frequency can sometimes make it difficult for us to remember our divine origins. Your Angels will often try to communicate with you through special messages using Numerology!

Angel Numbers are an aspect of Numerology and one way in which Angels can get our attention here in the physical realm. Our Angel guides may leave repeating numbers patterns, triple number sequences such as 333, or even quadruple digits such as 11:11 in our path. The reason for this is to remind us that our higher self is working with the Angels. It is a reminder that, even when life is difficult and challenging, we have higher vibrational beings assisting us.

It can be difficult at first to remember our mission as an Earth Angel, but these symbolic numeric messages are one clear sign that Angels are trying to remind us of our origins. They want us to be aware of our true authentic self.

How to Use Angel Numbers

In Numerology each number is thought to carry a specific vibration, which contributes to its overall meaning and significance. Keeping in mind the Numerology meaning for each number we can then apply it to the Angel Numbers we keep seeing! For example, if you know the number 2 means balance, choices, and awareness, and you seem to look at the clock everyday at 2:22, then this is a major hint from your Angel guides. They are giving us the message of the Numerology Number 2 but three-fold!

They want us to be aware of our spiritual mission on Earth and that our life purpose may involve something related to helping people find balance, peace, and harmony. Alternatively, it could be a loving message to us that our Angels are with us during a period of time when we have to make a difficult choice between 2 options.

Earth Angels are often very sensitive, and they know we have taken on a difficult assignment by choosing to live on the Earth plane. Angel Numbers are affirming our connection to the divine and our spiritual growth.

Divine Frequency: Notice the Signs

Now that you have determined the Angel Number messages you are receiving are from a divine source you can start opening up to more signs from your Angels. Getting to know our personal Numerology can help us even further expand upon our awareness about our self and our mission here on Earth. Angels are aware that numbers and math are the symbolic language of the Universe; which is why they choose to communicate through the elegant system of Numerology.