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A Course in Spiritual Awakening

with Michael Mirdad

Starts January 2020

For some people, the term “Spiritual Awakening” has become so generic that the depth of its meaning has been lost, no longer making it a priority in their lives. But in truth, our “Spiritual Awakening” is the only thing we are here on earth to accomplish. In fact, we will continually incarnate into the earth plane until we accomplish this Spiritual Awakening.

This online course, facilitated by Michael Mirdad, helps you to navigate the spiritual concepts of A Course in Miracles, including its deeper, hidden elements, and also explains the overall intention/teachings of Christ Consciousness. These studies are sure to create a major shift in our Spiritual Awakening—as individuals and as a group.

This course will include the following:

  • A deeper, more thorough appreciation of ACIM and the teachings of Christ Consciousness
  • A practical understanding of the primary principles of ACIM
  • Daily workbook lessons—guided by Michael—but also reviewed as a group
  • Individual and group study of ACIM
  • Weekly class discussion (Wednesday nights) wherein Michael will read one chapter of ACIM each week and download insights into its meaning...

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January 11, 2020 ~ 1-Day Manifestation Event!

Post Event Workshops on Sunday, January 12, 2019

As Divine beings we have the right to live the life of our dreams, to manifest everything we want, and and to be happy everyday! Experience these incredible teachers as they share spiritual insights on how to create the life we have always dreamed of!

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Fall in Love with Yourself Women's Retreat 

June 6-11 2020 

Women's Retreat: Spend 5 days 6 nights Falling in Love with Yourself Again with Robin Rose and Joelle St. Germaine in Edinburgh, Scotland.

About this Event

"Scotland is a place where I fell in love with myself again." Robin Rose

There are places in the world where we can fall in love with ourselves again, and Scotland is certainly one of them. We'd love to invite you to join us for a soul embracing adventure in this majestic place. Come spend five incredible days with us as we focus on creating more fun and excitement in our lives!

Each of us was born to love and be loved! Often, we need to be reminded that we are lovable, beautiful and valued and sometimes the easiest way is to see your own beauty reflected through a soul sister. More info




Stay tuned for the next Universal Lightworkers conference.

Universal Lightworkers Conference

The History of the Universal Lightworkers Conference

For the many thousands of attendees of the Universal Lightworkers Conferences (ULC), there has never been a conference or expo that captured such a spiritual and loving atmosphere and was simply “the best spiritual event they had ever attended.” But how did the conference come about?

After being a speaker in International conferences for many years, Spiritual Teacher/Best Selling Author Michael Mirdad noticed that, although such events always had a fun and informative atmosphere, they were not usually centered on God/Spirit, and the speakers rarely worked cohesively. Although the existing conferences had all the big-name speakers and musicians, they were missing the unique feeling that comes from having a deeper spiritual integrity and intention—they had a feeling of separation that he was determined to change.

This realization inspired the creation of "The Universal Lightworkers Conference,” the first of its kind for people on the spiritual path who were open to taking their spirituality to a new level. The word “Universal” was chosen because it was all-encompassing. So instead of Planetary Lightworker or Global Lightworker or Earthly Lightworker or National Lightworker, Michael insisted on The Universal Lightworkers.

The Universal Lightworkers Conference was launched and coordinated by Robin Rose (and numerous Volunteers and Coordinators), as Robin had already been organizing some regional spiritual festivals in the Pacific Northwest. The event was held a few times per year in Dallas/Houston, Seattle, and West Palm Beach/Ft. Lauderdale from around 1995—2012. The event was also held a couple of times in Australia. It was during this time that the term Lightworker really took off—with numerous groups, websites, and eventually social media pages being created.


What made the Conference unique?

  • The conferences are God-centered rather than focusing on individuals and/or information. The fact that many vendors, volunteers, and attendees have followed this Conference from coast to coast is certainly a testimony to its quality and uniqueness.
  • The event is more like a gathering or celebration of Love and Light rather than an Expo or standard Spiritual Conference. However, the information shared brings about a great deal of healing to those attending.
  • Speakers, Performers, Vendors, etc. are selected to represent quality and NOT quantity: One-mind and One-heart. The conference is definitely not a space of mass-produced lectures featuring speakers or topics that seem disjointed.
  • The vendor booths are closed during lectures, so all of the attendees, speakers, and vendors get to participate in the entire Conference together. This creates a strong feeling of oneness throughout the entire group.

"The Universal Lightworkers Conference is what I have dreamed all other Conferences would be like,
and I feel honored to be a part of these events."

~ Gregg Braden, Author of Awakening to Zero Point & the God Code

"So you think Conferences are all alike? Well this anointed event represents a whole new paradigm
on how to bring together powerful Lightworkers in order to change lives. If you don't believe me,
just ask any attendee."

~  Lee Carroll, Author, "Kryon" Books


The Universal Lightworkers Conference (ULC) launched (or assisted) a great number of careers, including Gregg Braden, James Twyman, Jayem, Kryon, Pat Rodegast, and Doreen Virtue—who then wrote a book called, “The Lightworkers Way.” The event also featured Michael Mirdad, Dan Millman, Alan Cohen, Jon Mundy, Patricia Cota-Robles, Norma Milanovich, Theo, Mary Morrisey, Raymond Moody, John Randolph Price, Swami Beyondananda, Gary Renard, Don Miguel Ruiz, Donna Eden, Aluna Joy, Ted Andrews, Matthew Fox, Sondra Ray, Joan Borysenko, and Steven Halpern and many others.

Besides having an incredible list of speakers, the ULC grew due to the unique “vibe” everyone could feel through the 3-day weekend event. Speakers, attendees, and even hotel staff would often stop in their tracks and wonder, “What is this incredible ‘vibe’ I am feeling?" And the answer that was always given was “Love and God.” Even coordinators from other conferences would attend and ask to be tutored on how to create this same vibration at their conferences, which is a huge compliment!

The UNIVERSAL LIGHTWORKERS CONFERENCE features the world's finest speakers and authors who are selected for their clarity of information as well as their “God-Centered” teachings. The line-up of speakers has included such impressive speakers as: Don Miguel Ruiz, Alan Cohen, Lee Carroll, Jani King, Annie Kirkwood, Gregg Braden, Richard Hatch, Steven Halpern, James Twyman, Norma Milanovich, Michael Mirdad, Dan Millman, Doreen Virtue, Swami Beyondananda, Charles Whitefield, John Randolph Price, Gearld Jampolsky MD, Diane Cirincione, Raymond Moody, Judith Coates, Ken Page, Aluna Joy, Gary Renard, Keith Varnum, Mary Morrissey, John Munday, Ted Andrews, Matthew Fox, Sondra Ray, Pat Rodegast, Patricia Cota Robles, Marcus Mason, Glenda Greene, Joseph Jochmans, Barbara Rose, John Van Auken, Donna Eden, David Finstein Phd, Dr. Michael Abrams, Hermann Mueller, Teshera Ren, Arthur Douet, Bill Guggenheim, Jean Shenoda Bolen, Fred Allen Wolf,  Barbara Whitefield, John Mark Hammer, James Redfield, Nicki Scully, Nigel Taylor, Erik Berglund, Tony Stubbs, Michelle Whitedove, Judith Lukomski,  Cary & Elsa Stokes, Dee Walllace, Yolanda Zigarmi Martin, THEO –Sheila & Marcus Gillette, Athena Rose, Jean Slatter, Kim O’Neill, Nick Arandes, Gregg Baer MD,  Astara Lovejoy, Jean Slatter, Cynthia Killion, Shinto, Kathryn Andries many others.