The term “Lightworker” is fairly common within the spiritual community. And although there are well-known variations of the term, such as healer, student on the path, etc., the term itself is fairly new and actually has its own distinct meaning.

Who and What Is a Lightworker?

The answer is fairly simple—yet profound. God is Light! And we, being made in God’s Image, are also Light. And any of us who choose to work on remembering and developing our Light are, by definition, Lightworkers. This definition also makes it clear that being a Lightworker is also a choice. Being Light is not a choice, as it’s what we were created to be. But having the dedication to develop this memory is a choice. And the beautiful thing is that all beings will one day make this choice; “free will” merely allows us to choose when. But a Lightworker is anyone who chooses to take their spiritual presence to the next level by being of service and making a difference for themselves and others in this world.

History of the Term “Lightworker”

The concept of Lightworkers is as old as creation itself—ever since there was a single being who ever thought about remembering their true identity and helping others to do the same. But technically, as far as it is known, the term was first used by Michael Mirdad, in his newsletters (called “The Lightbearer”) back in the early 1980’s. So the term “Light-worker” was just an extension of the term “Light-bearer.” Then, Patricia Cota-Robles used the term Lightworker in a book published in 1989 called, “The Next Step,” followed by the release of a book by Doreen Virtue in 1997 called, “The Lightworkers Way.”

The distinct difference between Lightworkers and all other people on the spiritual path is that people on the spiritual path might be very casual about their personal work or their spiritual development. In fact, most people around them might not even be aware that the person is even on the spiritual path. But Lightworkers are not casual at all about their spiritual work. Instead, they have a strong dedication to their awakening, and feel a calling to make a difference in the lives of others. It’s not that a Lightworker is pushy about their spiritual path, but they are keenly aware that they want to “make a difference.” Also, Lightworkers prefer hanging around other people with a similar dedication. A person on the spiritual path might enjoy their studies and practices, but a Lightworker is fully aware that there is a purpose to these studies AND that this greater purpose involves being part of a Divine Plan for the awakening of humanity.

Yes, we are all created from the Light of God, but not all of us access that Light and use it to illuminate the world around us. Those of us who do shine our Light as part of our soul’s purpose, are Lightworkers. And we are not alone. We are part of the Divine Hierarchy of Light that emanates from God Itself and shines onto the earth, passing through all other dimensions—wherein we find other Lightworkers doing a similar service to humanity relative to their dimension. These include the Christ, Mother Mary, Angels, Ascended Masters, Intergalactic Lightbeings from other star systems such as Sirius, Arcturus, and Andromeda, the great brotherhood-sisterhood of Light, and of course all of the Lightworkers on earth.

There are currently hundreds of thousands of Lightworkers on planet earth—many with websites and facebook pages. Not all of whom have the depth and integrity we would like to see, but some of them are quite beautiful. In regards to our own website, it serves as a hub and place of networking for all Lightworkers throughout the Universe. Our website features articles, ads, products, videos, and more, that you, as a fellow Lightwoker, are welcome to submit. Everyone is welcome to request admission into our facebook group. And feel free to pass the word about the webpage, as well as our private facebook group.

Seven Characteristics of a Lightworker

ONE: You feel a call to return to direct connection with God/Spirit, as well as the teachings of Christ Consciousness, Mother Mary, Archangel Michael, and/or Mary Magdalene.

TWO: You develop a growing interest in topics such as the early Christians, Ascended Masters, Sacred Geometry, the Arthurian Knights, Lemuria, the Knights Templar, Ashtar, the Cathars, and/or the Andromeda Star System.

THREE: You notice old thought systems and judgmental opinions falling away.

FOUR: You begin to experience more and more unconditional love in your life. This means having fewer buttons to be pushed and a greater sense of peace even if/when your remaining buttons do get pushed.

FIVE: You no longer feel like you’re bound to any particular race, religion, culture, etc. Physical and personal limitations, such as race, gender, genetics, family patterns no longer seem to be apply.

SIX: You feel a calling towards a better life and perhaps are looking for your “tribe” (or spiritual family)—which means looking for people who are more spiritual, loving, and playful than those you’ve known in the past. These would be the types of people that encourage you to write poems, discover your souls’s purpose, share the dreams you have at night, and want to know the deeper meaning and connection of all things in life.

SEVEN: You realized that you are not only different from most people on earth, but you are also different from most people on the spiritual path in that you are not casual about being on the path. Instead you are active, aware that you are here not merely to act spiritual but rather to BE spiritual, and to make a difference by being a great example to others (a Lightworker or Lightbearer).

SUMMARY: There is a common theme in all seven characteristics. There is an excitement to go higher, towards God/Spirit and a desire to find others on the same wavelength. But Lightworkers are also clear that they are not on earth merely to “get on the spiritual path.” Instead, they are being called to assist in the awakening of humanity by finding their inner Light and assisting others to find theirs.