Lightworkers: Perks and Pitfalls

Michael Mirdad Spiritual Teacher

Being a Lightworker means committing to doing God’s work of co-creating a world of peace and love through forgiveness and service to one another. A Lightworker can be a healer, a poet, a teacher, or a parent, but being a Lightworker means doing our best to live the Christ Life. Being a Lightworker means anchoring the Light of God into the world. If our work is not Guided by the Light of God, then it’s simply not Light-work.

Why It’s Called Light-Work Instead of Light-Play

One of the most obvious perks that comes from being a Lightworker is that it raises our level of peace and happiness—a natural effect of practicing love and forgiveness. Although many of us would like to think that calling ourselves a “Lightworker” somehow automatically insulates us from the world and from rude people, being a Lightworker actually calls us to step up and do what we can (within reason) to shine Light on the challenging people and scenarios of the world. This is why it’s called Light-Work, instead of Light-Play.

Even Buddha was asked why, despite his wisdom and good work, some people still threw rocks at him. He explained that such behaviors are simply a part of this world and are calling for compassion and forgiveness. Even when we take the time to do spiritual work to help the world in its awakening, or we fly halfway around the planet to visit sacred sites and sit in meditation with intentions of love and happiness, we still can find ourselves shocked to encounter the rudest of people right around the corner.

Dealing with such people is quite an obstacle to our peace of mind and can prove very challenging to our focus on love. But we too often forget that those very people ARE the work put before us. In other words, if we meditate on world peace in the middle of Stonehenge or in the Great Pyramid of Giza but harbor resentment for other people in our tour group or for challenging people we pass along the way, then we have actually missed our opportunity to graduate from merely calling ourselves a Lightworker to actually becoming a Lightworker.

There is clearly some effort involved with being a Lightworker, because Light-workers are working on remembering their true identity as Light. One day, when every Lightworker shifts from being merely a Lightworker to becoming pure Light, our lives will no longer involve such effort. In the meantime, we might hope for a life without obstacles or challenging people but instead, we are asked by Spirit to first BE the Light we would like to see in the world, and to shine our light on dark (or challenging) people and situations. We are asked to start and end every day with a prayer that consistently asks for Guidance on how to handle each challenging moment, as well as asking how to celebrate each success. This prayer can act like a computer program that runs behind the scenes to act as a spiritual support system. These moments of prayer are to ask for Divine Guidance on how to channel Light through each word, response, and action that comes through us.

So for now, being a Lightworker is less like living in paradise and more like walking through a desert with occasional stops at an oasis. Using prayer AND joining with other Lightworkers on the path is like entering an oasis where we can rest and fill up our canteen with fresh water, but then we still need to continue our journey across the desert.

The Perks of Being a Lightworker

The word “lower” comes from the same root word as “slower.” When we judge ourselves or others, we lower our consciousness, which slows down our vibration. Once upon a time, judging ourselves as separate from God and from each other caused us to slow down our vibration to the point of becoming limited, dense beings, living in a seemingly limited, dense world. And one of the illusionary laws of this dense world is “time.” But when we practice love and forgiveness in our lives—which is the role and destiny of all Lightworkers—we raise our consciousness, which speeds up our vibration. And as our consciousness raises and vibration speeds up, we tend to heal faster, have greater insights, and learn life’s lessons more quickly and easily.

Most people approach life (consciously or unconsciously) like climbing a mountain. It’s a long journey—especially if we tend to zigzag a lot along the path—going back over the same territory again and again. To deal with the length of the journey, we often pause to enjoy the view—which all too often becomes a distraction that only lengthens the trip. Being a Lightworker, however, is like choosing to dig our way through the mountain instead of going up and over the mountain. Going through the mountain means we are committed to entering the dark parts of ourselves and worrying less about the scenery. But it also means being a more responsible person and arriving at our destination in a fraction of the time. Of course all paths are fine because they will all eventually lead us Home, but Lightworkers tend to choose the more direct route.

The Wisdom of Spirit teaches us that time is an illusion, but it also teaches us to be patient while the effects of time (a law in which we once believed), gradually wear off. Time doesn’t exist in God, nor in Heaven, which means that when we practice being loving and forgiving—like God—the slower/lower vibration of time no longer has a grip on us. This is why Lightworkers tend to experience more miracles than most people. It’s not luck or coincidence. It’s a matter of Spiritual Law that says the laws of density no longer apply as we rise in consciousness. Therefore, our physical and emotional wounds heal more quickly; we manifest abundance with greater ease; and we have a greater trust and patience when it comes to dealing with challenging people. An issue that once may have taken us years to get over now might take minutes. That which once may have taken lifetimes to learn, is learned NOW!

All the Lightwork we do for ourselves is reflected in our life circumstances and interactions with others. Our Light begins to shine on others, which is the whole purpose of Light. Every effort to manifest the Light of God, for ourselves and others, now raises the consciousness and vibration of everyone on the planet simply through our healthy, day-to-day choice to practice being a Lightworker.

The Pitfalls of Being a Lightworker

One of the most common pitfalls of being a Lightworker is the temptation to think we are better than anyone else, when in fact, we are all one—equal. A Lightworker has merely made the choice to wake up sooner rather than later. But when we choose to wake up, so too does everyone else—to one degree or another.

Another common but poorly understood pitfall of being a Lightworker involves raising our consciousness to the point where our mind, brain, and body begin to feel almost immortal—immune to many of life’s issues and needs. Although this is generally a perk (or good thing), it becomes a pitfall when we are so consistently “high” we forget to take care of our daily, practical needs. Self-neglect that arises from being a Lightworker caused Edgar Cayce to literally die of exhaustion, and is the root cause of nearly ALL of our physical and emotional issues and ailments. It’s as though we become lost in the higher vibration or consciousness. Since Lightworkers often see and experience time as an illusion, hours and even days can pass before we realize we haven’t eaten or had any water to drink. We feel so good in our high level of consciousness that we have to literally force ourselves to accept that we are also still in a body that needs to be fed and taken care of. We might even neglect our need for healthy intimacy or affection—an issue that can be remedied easily by getting a massage or sharing an embrace with a trusted friend or partner.

In other words, when we stand in the Light of Spirit, it’s easy to feel so energized and inspired that we forget to live in balance and take care of our daily needs. We might even allow our health and relationships to go on for too long in unhealthy ways without noticing or addressing it. So it’s important that we ask where we might be exhausting ourselves without realizing it. Lightworkers may need to take naps even if they don’t feel tired, and drink water even if they don’t feel thirsty. Getting so enraptured by higher consciousness that we forget to stretch our muscles, eat right, and tell people around us how much we love and appreciate them is one of the worst things we can do to ourselves. Yes, it’s true that we are holy, unlimited beings. But until we completely remember and live that truth, we need to take care of all of our needs—body, mind, and soul.


The path of a Lightworker is filled with perks and pitfalls. The perks are great reminders that all of our time, effort, and commitment are worth it. The pitfalls are reminders as to where we need to make some adjustments—particularly if we have allowed something unhealthy to drag on for too long, thus calling for our attention and our return to balanced living.