Search For Center

When something really good happens, we say, ―Thank you, God!
When something really bad happens, we say, ―Oh God, please no!‖ In such moments are we not at least hopeful that there is a God who hears us? Helen Schucman said that the purpose of the Course was to help us come to an awareness of the presence of the Inner Teacher. Becoming progressively aware of the Inner Teacher enables our finding a way home.
There is a Self, a loving, wise, gentle, guide who knows the way Home.
This Self knows our deepest heart’s desire and the decision we need to make at each and every instant. Being concerned or obsessed with the world—with our bodies and our relationships, it is easy to ―fall‖ into ego and then get caught in confusion, bewilderment, perplexity, and depression. Inner life can be neglected, repressed, ignored, and sometimes, but not ever entirely, forgotten.
In 1976 I wrote a little 108-page book called Search for the Center.
The following quote was on the cover.
I have often said that a person who wishes to begin a good life
should be like a circle.
Let Him get the center in the right place
and keep it so. And the circumference will be good.
Christian Mystic, Meister Eckhart (1260-1328)
According to the Course, the atonement is the means by which the ego is undone and then only Spirit, only God is there and none of the trappings of the ego remain to take the peace of God away from us. We might think of this process as “polishing or cleaning the center,” that is, a process of clearing the mind of ego static so that the Holy Spirit -- the Voice for God, can get through. We want to polish the center till we get to the place where there are no more spots, no more darkness left. In particular, we want to work on clearing out the guilt so that our innate innocence can reappear. Our time together is going to a time of cleaning and clearing away all that is not us so that the authentic self can become more clearly our living reality.
Everything changes when we change the Inner Teacher.
Dr. Kenneth Wapnick