Light Work: Fatigue And How To Get Through It

I’ve been there, in that place where we are so filled up with light and love and the wish to save the world, that any of the darkness hurts so deeply.
I think that all of us lightworkers have been in this place at least once or twice before.
Because we do want to save the world, after all, that’s what we KNOW we are here to do! But it’s not always as easy as scooping the earth up in our arms and carrying it, all by ourselves, to a better, more peaceful era. Though sometimes I wish it was that easy, it can be very hard for us when we begin to carry the world on our shoulders.

A saviour instead of a guide?

I was told once that I would be a guide, from that point on it was crazy the amount of synchronicities that happened to get me to the point of holding the space for others and giving them guidance, but I will admit that there were bumps in the road along the way, and I know that we’ve all experience such turbulence in our lives.
I began to try to save others all the time, instead of holding the space for them while they saved themselves and this was not only negative for me, but for everyone involved.
As lightworkers, we do have that longing to save everyone and everything, sometimes I cannot pass by a piece of rubbish and not put it in the bin, and when I have my hands full and cannot do it, I feel terrible about it, sometimes for a whole day!

This is what I mean, I think that its time that we allowed ourselves to take self care breaks when we need them, and even to let our souls know that its not only down to us to save the world.

Every little bit counts.

Something that I have learnt along my own journey is that I am not the only lightworker out there, and that’s damn awesome! I once went around trying to save the world all by myself, thinking that if not me, then who would? But after going through the compassion fatigue this brought me, and after finally beginning to incorporate self-care and even connection with fellow lightworkers into my life, I realized something very, extremely important.
That every little bit of love counts.

When we practice random acts of kindness, we have changed the world a little, when we hold the space for someone who is going through a tough time, we are changing the world a little bit more, when we create inspiration with our light work, we have done our bit to contribute to the massive world changing shift, that is constantly happening, and yes, is even happening right now. Once we can recognize this ultimate truth, I believe that we will see that we don’t have to save the world by ourselves, because every little bit means a lot. So, so many beautiful lightworkers are doing little bits, and when these little bits all mix together, they soon become BIG shifts and THAT is amazing stuff right there.

The message.

The message is, that it is time we incorporate the wonderful love and light we are constantly giving to others, and to the world as a whole, into our own lives, it is time that we begin to give all of that care to our own souls too. We deserve it, and I truly believe that once we begin to do this, the world will go through yet another massive shift, because we will be guiding by example, of self-love. Something the world has struggled with for so long, and it begins with loving us.
Maybe, right now, this is the lightwork that both us as individuals, and the world as a collective need the most? No matter what though, I want all of us to know, that we are not as alone as often, we can feel. Let’s find our fellow lightworkers, lets give ourselves the care that we need and deserve and let’s marvel at the wonderful shifts that are bound to take place once we do this.
Love and Light.

Author Bio
Bonny Blue is a lightworker, writer and guide. Bonny specialises in healing from past trauma and finding your purpose in life. If you would like to check out her blog, YouTube videos and readings just go to