The Spirit of Your Mind, Your Money, and The Mystery School of Cash

There is a power within you to create and master your mind and your money in brand new ways that is your natural birthright, which I refer to this as The One Command process. I discovered this great ability when I came to a pivotal moment in my life where I faced the cross roads of loss of my home and investments or a life of financial abundance lived with joy and peace.  In many ways the understanding that arrived was more than a miracle, and in others it was one I had prepared for all my life.

The One Command process includes 6-Easy Steps to theta brain waves and the statement that instantly changes your brain chemistry that delinks negative fearful thoughts and asserts what it is you want instead – speaking directly to your subconscious mind – the place of your reality filter system.

There are three essential truths of mind and money which I have discovered since my moment of awakened intelligence.

The first truth is that each and every one of us is biologically designed to engage in the quantum field of open potential and in creating a new probable result – one that is what you truly want instead of what you may have settled for. This ability is found in your brain wave activity.

As you have various brain wave frequencies, you have different engagements with levels of consciousness that relate to those frequencies.  Every discipline, spiritual pursuit and practice is for one purpose only – to engage your mind in a field of source intelligence beyond your ordinary circumstances. The promise of that engagement is deep peace, invisible support and divine companionship. Scientific study of the spiritual mind has shown that the place of greatest peace and illumination occur while in your theta/delta brain state.

It used to be thought that only great spiritual masters or years of study and discipline could place your mind into deeper more universally connected states.  And that used to be true.  But what is true now, is that you have evolved and that in a moment of physically changing your eye focus to look up under your closed eye lids you can mechanically shift your beta mind into theta mind and engage those portions of your intelligence – dormant for ages and ready willing and able to be engaged by you at this very moment. What is true now is that you can engage your theta brain wave while completely awake and in that moment create something new and wonderful.

The theta/delta slow brain wave frequencies heal the body, engage directly with the cells of your body and your DNA and establish neurological pathways for thought – your belief system and your habit of thought. By directly accessing this fantastic powerhouse of reality, you can consciously change the direction of your life by choice and you can do all of this in a moment.

The second essential truth is that there is a process of change that takes place in many aspects of yourself as you delink your old synaptic pathways of thought and create new DNA blueprints of reality.  This process of change is a physical, emotional event. Let’s say that you are frustrated with your finances at the moment. Here are the A BC’s of making a change in your beliefs about your present state:  identify your fears and thoughts about your financial limits, identify what it is that you want instead; and then go through the 6-steps and command a change in your thinking while in your theta brain wave state.

Coherence in your body, mind, and emotions now takes place.  As you stop your old idea of limitation by commanding what you want instead while in theta, a new blueprint is created in your DNA.  In this new blueprint, you have no past and no future.  You only have the now of this event that you created. Faith and trust are required in this moment because even as you have made a change, there is no physical evidence of that change, yet.

Some of the symptoms of change you experience after making a command in theta are feeling relaxed and peaceful about what you want – more income, reduced debt, a better paying job or career – rather than fearful and stressed.

The third essential truth is the Mystery School of Cash, which is a body of knowledge that was formed by the intention and thoughts of those dedicated to a specific idea. The Mystery School of Cash says that invisible help is yours always in creating your financial good and your wealth.  That wealth masters throughout all ages hold an understanding of how, where, and when you can increase your cash, as well as how you can increase your wealth and have a money rich life.  It is only for you to open to the question, to seek the help, and to receive the answers.

Asara Lovejoy