Message From Mother Mary

From the Divine Mother Mary given to Robin Rose on 6/8/2018

Oh, poor of heart, hear my plea. My own heart is breaking for the sadness I feel in you. There is a vast and growing schism between you and the Father who loves you so dearly. The noise of this world is screaming louder and louder and you have become so accustom to it that you can no longer hear the still small voice that lives within your being. You are so sad and off balance from this world, this world of appearances, that its becoming more and more difficult to not be distracted by the day’s events thus making it even harder to look to the one thing that brings balance and initiates change. The Real you! The one that embraces the royal law of love, the true spirit of faith and peace. Is not peace the thing your heart calls for day after day and yet its song so faint within your heart? Do you not hope for refuge from the storms of the discontentment crying within you?

Yes, my darling ones I hear the cry’s and the Father hears them too. He waits open arms and open heart for you to come home. To see Him in all things, and to know His love, the love that never ends but fills every crack with in your mind and heart with contentment and joy. This is His desire every moment of every day. He has given you all you need to return to that eternal love but this world and it’s appearing injustices cloud your view which making it hard for you to connect with him. Be of good heart, we are here to help chase the obstruction away and guide you back to the peace that stands before you at every moment.

Look to your heart, not to the world. Stop watching the world looking for answers, instead go back to the beginning. Get to know who you are and the true authority you have in this world. You no longer have to hide. You are forgiven, set free and released to your own happiness if you choose to do so. I hear your mummers and I wish I could hold each and every one of you, to comfort for you, and explain how loved and cherished you are but for now I can only send my spirit of love to wrap around your hearts and caress your souls. Be still and feel me. Then once this is done, and you are refilled in spirit, take the journey to remember the Truth of who you are, embrace that truth for it is the answer, the power that will set you free. This power is not of human understanding but of spirit so at first is may appear to be unrecognizable but be of good cheer for it is a power beyond this world, beyond human understanding but once you taste of it you will never be the same.

Did not my Son say “if you believe in me and all I have done, this you will do and more?” Did He not give you complete authority over this world? Yes, my darlings He did. The divine splendor that dwells within you is your natural creative force, the force that created universes and you must unleash that power now so that your hearts can return to the peace in which they are created. At this time in human history there are very few that know the unfailing love that dwells in your spirits but I, and the hosts of heaven are here to help you remember it. We just await your call. We stand at the gates of your consciousness waiting for you to let us in but is has become apparent that you are struggling to do so. But please try for it is worth the asking.

This is where you must step into the truth of your divinity. This my children takes work, it takes commitment and it takes you being willing to receive what God has already given you. Can you do this or, might I ask, do you want to? If you choose to do so, to use your free will to commit to your reawakening we will guide you but can only do so when asked.

God and all His love is yours through grace, which means you need not work for your divinity but you need to know it. Knowing it will set you free. It will remove the seeming power this world has over you and it will open you to a love deeper than you have ever known or felt in this world. Although at first it may seem far from you, God the Fathers grace is closer than your breath because it is His life force which permeates all. Call upon the Holy Spirit for it is the part of the trinity that guides, reveals and gives comfort so that you may function in a place of direct divinity and connection to the Christ within. Dear ones please let not your hearts be troubled but instead let us help you find the absolute joy and peace you deserve as God beloved children. We only want you to come home and take your rightful place among the host of heaven and to reign in happiness forever.