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We, the team for the Universal Lightworkers, are here to serve all Lightworkers throughout all dimensions in the Universe. Our website and ​Facebook serve as a hub for all Lightworkers ​to gather, learn, and network with one another. And please keep in mind that our website and Facebook page are for loving and spiritual material, which means we do not welcome anything that is hateful, fear-based (including conspiracies), nor political.  Our members are vetted and selected based on a shared belief system and their agreement with the standards held by Universal Lightworker web site. Membership verifies credibility and extends trust to the community.

Membership Benefits

 Free Banner and web link to your business

  • Marketing
    Your reach within the community will increase through:

    • Website: Web Link
    • Vendor and Practitioner pages mentioned in monthly news letter
    • Facebook page: Submit up to two posts per month.
    • Discounted fee for event promotion:
    • Discounted Participation in other Lightworkers online events such as summits, join promotion projects and more…
    • Direct demographic advertising
  • Sales
    All sales stemming from the Lightworkers web site belong to you the vendor/practitioner
  • Diversity
    We strive to support our Lightworker community by having diversity in products and practitioners
  • First Alert
    Your will be the first to know about Lightworkers events and programs.
    This gives you first option in upcoming events and programs before marketing to the web.

Membership Commitment is:


$100 per year when paid in full (For you convivence your subscription is auto billed monthly)

*Banner can be created by Universal Lightworkers for $10 or you are welcome to summit your own JPEG and link.
JEPG size:  Pixels: 500 wide by 125 tall

Member Expectations

  • Please advertise the site to your email list at least 4 times yearly. This not only supports our work but also brings more people to your sites. We are a community and want to support All Lightworkers to bring more light and power to our world. This site was created just for that reason.
  • Two Facebook posts per month
    • Please make sure your submission is edited and post ready.
  • Promotion of one another. This includes an understanding of what other practitioners in the collective offer, make referrals within the community and promoting events held the Universal Lightworkers.

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