Manifesting with Joy!

By Robin Rose

Lately the question of manifestation has been coming up in my circle, and I have to really think about what the process of manifesting entails. Why do things come to some and not others? I have one daughter who can manifest like nobody’s business. She just puts out to the universe what she wants (no matter how absurd it is) and 9 out of 10 times it happens for her. Now, her sisters are confused by this because it is not their experience. These girls have been raised by the same parents and taught about life in the same way, but their outcomes have been very different.

In a recent conversation with my eldest daughter, she was sharing something new that was happening and how excited she was about it, and we started talking about the manifestation process. She said, “I think what the problem is for a lot of people is that they don’t know they deserve whatever they ask for. For some reason I have always believed I can have whatever I want, so I just ask.”

She is right. As a spiritual coach, I assist people in clearing the blocks so they can see that they do deserve everything they ask for. I base this on the Law of Attraction, and when you understand the law, you know that everything you ask for is right before you just waiting for you take a hold of it. If you don’t believe you deserve, it sits there waiting until you do. We all carry some type of past baggage that needs to be let go of so that we can reach out and grab a hold of the awesomeness the world has for us. It’s a process, but it is extremely possible in a short period of time once we get it.

My process is to take some time with the issues coming up and start calling some truth to it. What is the truth? Well, the easiest way to explain it is that for every problem there is an opposite solution. So, if you want health, you don’t focus on being sick but instead, you focus on what health looks like. For money, you can’t talk about lack and expect money to come to you; it’s a very different vibration, and the two cannot live in the same energetic space. This is where going within helps, be it meditation, yoga, THETA work, or taking time off so you are not continually focusing the problems. When you step out of the same old, same old, you can see things with a clarity that isn’t present in the chaos. In that clarity you can manifest more of your hearts desires.

The nice thing is the world will show us what’s wrong, but everything that’s right lives within us, within our own personal Sphere of divine energy, but we need to look into to it, and let it come out. Remember life is the journey not the destination, so make the journey as fun and healing as you can. I don’t know about you, but I prefer to do my healing with joy, and in that joy, I can manifest the best for myself. Happy manifesting

Blessings and Grace Always, Robin Rose

Robin is a Spiritual Coach, Lightworker, Writer, Artist, Minister of Spiritual Enlightenment and a Spirit Event/Retreat leader. She is the author of Mother Mary and the Undoing Process and co-creator and coordinator of one of the longest running spirituality conferences, The Universal Lightworkers Conference.  Her heart’s desire is to be a catalyst for the healing and transformation of hearts and minds through the teaching of the Grace and the understanding of the Law of Attraction.