David Feinstein Lightworker

Energy medicine recognizes energy as a vital, living, moving force that determines much about health and happiness. In energy medicine, energy is the medicine, and energy is also the patient.  You heal the body by activating its natural healing energies; you also heal the body by restoring energies that have become weak, disturbed, or out…

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Lightworkers: Perks and Pitfalls

Michael Mirdad Spiritual Teacher

Being a Lightworker means committing to doing God’s work of co-creating a world of peace and love through forgiveness and service to one another. A Lightworker can be a healer, a poet, a teacher, or a parent, but being a Lightworker means doing our best to live the Christ Life. Being a Lightworker means anchoring…

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Angel Numbers And Their Connection To Earth Angels

Angel Numerology

How do you stay connected to Angels and higher dimensional beings? Numerology can be used to help us get closer to our Angelic guides and higher dimensional selves. Here are some of the ways in which Angel Numbers and Numerology can provide loving angelic guidance to Earth Angels and Light Workers. What is an Earth…

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Karma & Grace

John Van Auken author

Today, those of us seeking our own personal spirituality are especially aware of the influence of karma and grace. Let’s explore these two forces, and let’s begin at the very beginning. In conceiving us, God gave us the gifts of individual consciousness and free will. With these we were to come to know ourselves to…

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The Ascension and God’s Children

Michelle Whitedove Psychic

You were born during a very special age of evolution. Not only for Mother Earth and all of her children, the Earth Angels; the plant, mineral, and animal kingdoms, the ocean and its inhabitants, but also for the human race. This is the time for all of us to make the shift to a higher…

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Manifesting with Joy!

By Robin Rose Lately the question of manifestation has been coming up in my circle, and I have to really think about what the process of manifesting entails. Why do things come to some and not others? I have one daughter who can manifest like nobody’s business. She just puts out to the universe what…

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Message From Mother Mary

From the Divine Mother Mary given to Robin Rose on 6/8/2018 Oh, poor of heart, hear my plea. My own heart is breaking for the sadness I feel in you. There is a vast and growing schism between you and the Father who loves you so dearly. The noise of this world is screaming louder…

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The Birth of Christ Consciousness

Michael Mirdad spiritual teacher

The year 2012 . . . the year most ancient civilizations foretold to be the end of civilization as we know it. We certainly heard a great deal about it in conferences, magazines, cable shows, and of course, on the internet. But beyond all the hype, is there any truth to the 2012 message? Do…

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Edgar Cayce

Often referred to as “the godfather of holistic health,” Edgar Cayce was also known  as “the sleeping prophet” because he would enter a sleep-like psychic trance to answer questions on a wide range of topics, including remedies for physical ailments, dream interpretation, reincarnation, wars, ancient mysteries, the future, and more. Although his life’s work pre-dated the…

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