The Universal Lightworkers Conference was inspired by Michael Mirdad around 1992 and first took place in 1997 with the assistance of a small group of Coordinators. The Universal Lightworkers Conference, coordinated by Robin Rose, was/is a Divine Inspiration, facilitated by several Volunteers, shaped with the ideas and input of several of the world’s leading Spiritual Teachers and/or Authors. The response from attendees was immediately spectacular, and the feedback from authors, teachers, and musicians has been overwhelming. The consensus is that the Universal Lightworkers Conference is the best event they have ever experienced.

The Conference has taken place in Seattle & Tacoma, Washington; Dallas & Houston, Texas; and throughout South Florida, as well as Brisbane, Australia. The glow of its light has attracted people worldwide, from numerous states in the U.S. to various countries as far away as Europe and South Africa. The Conference has also attracted the support of such well respected Sponsors as Hay House, Inc., Earth Trade Internet Resources, Oughten House Publications, and countless local magazines, television, and radio stations.


The Universal Lightworkers’ Conference and The Spiritual Awakening Conference are so renowned for their inspirations and originality that the coordinators of the world’s largest spiritual Expos and Conferences consistently consult our Coordinator to seek input or borrow ideas from our format.

The event is unique in numerous ways including:

  • The conferences are God-centered rather than focusing on individuals and/or information. The fact that many vendors, volunteers, and attendees have followed this Conference from coast to coast is certainly a testimony to its quality and uniqueness.
  • The event is more like a gathering or celebration of Love and Light rather than an Expo or standard Spiritual Conference. However, the information shared brings about a great deal of healing to those attending.
  • Speakers, Performers, Vendors, etc. are selected to represent quality and NOT quantity: One-mind and One-heart. The conference is definitely not a space of mass-produced lectures featuring speakers or topics that seem disjointed.
  • The vendor booths are closed during lectures, so all of the attendees, speakers, and vendors get to participate in the entire Conference together. This creates a strong feeling of oneness throughout the entire group.
  • Time and again, participants have shared stories of the healing and spiritual nourishment that they have received at the Conference.
  • Despite the Conference-like appearance, the event is still renowned for its atmosphere of Love and Safety.

“The Universal Lighworkers-Spiritual Awakening Conferences are what I have dreamed all other Conferences
would be like, and I feel honored to be a part of these events.”

~ Gregg Braden, Author of Awakening to Zero Point & the God Code

“So you think Conferences are all alike? Well this anointed event represents a whole new paradigm on how to
bring together powerful Lightworkers in order to change lives. If you don’t believe me, just ask any attendee.”

~  Lee Carroll, Author, “Kryon” Books


The conference has given birth and inspiration to several other local and global events such as:

  • Musical tours featuring Gregg Braden and James Twyman.
  • Workshop collaborations between several Speakers.
  • The Australian Wesak Festival.
  • The Great Experiment (global prayer), which featured Doreen Virtue, Gregg Braden, and James Twyman.
  • The ULC also helped to discover several new authors who have gone on to become highly acclaimed.


We feature the world’s finest speakers and authors who are selected for their clarity of information as well as their “God-Centered” teachings. The line-up of speakers has included such impressive speakers as:

Don Miguel Ruiz, Alan Cohen, Lee Carroll, Jani King, Annie Kirkwood, Gregg Braden, Richard Hatch, Steven Halpern, James Twyman, James Redfield, Joan Borysenko, John Van Auken, Nick Arandes, Norma Milanovich, Michael Mirdad, Dan Millman, Doreen Virtue, Swami Beyondananda, Raymond Moody, Ken Page, Aluna Joy, Gary Renard, John Munday, Ted Andrews, Matthew Fox, Sondra Ray, Pat Rodegast, Patricia Cota Robles, Jean Shenoda Bolen, James Redfield, Tony Stubbs, Michelle Whitedove, Dee Walllace, THEO –Sheila & Marcus Gillette, Jay Scott Berry, Jonn Serrie, Mary Morrissey, Donna Edan, Jean Slatter, Asara Lovejoy, Kim O’Neill, and many others.


After sharing events for 15 years, our conferences are on hiatus until further notice.